Car Service & Mechanical Repairs

Our award winning technicians have a combined experience of over 140 years. You can be assured we can meet your vehicles needs to the highest standards.

Log Book Servicing

Car servicing on:

  • All makes and models
  • Petrol or Diesel
  • Commercial, 2WD, 4WD
  • New car warranty

Registration Inspections

Meet your registration requirements for:

  • All makes and models
  • Petrol or Diesel
  • Commercial, 2WD, 4WD

Minor or Major Repairs

With over 30 years in the trade and the combined experience of our mechanics, we have the expertise to repair your car.

  • Engine Repairs / Servicing / Tuning
  • Brake and Clutch Repairs / Service
  • Transmission & Differential Service
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Fuel System Service
  • Cooling System Service
  • Electronic Diagnosis
  • Registration Checks
  • Pink Slips
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • John Beam 3D Imaging Wheel Aligning Machine
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Petrol Injector Servicing
  • Diesel Injector Servicing
  • Flywheel Machining
  • Brake Rotor Machining
  • Diagnostic Interface Scan Tooling
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • 3D Digital Video Bore Scope Camera
  • Exhaust Gas Analyser
  • Diagnostic Smoke Machine
  • Chassis Ear Equipment
  • Cylinder Compression Testing - Petrol & Diesel
  • Cylinder Leak Down Testing - Petrol & Diesel
  • Computer Smart Charging System Station
  • MicroVat Elite Battery Testing Machine

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